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Brick Paver Program

Pave Your Legacy at the JCC Forever!

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Timeless Masterpiece

They say that with closure comes new beginnings. On October, 24, 2005 when Hurricane Wilma ripped and roared through South Florida, its fury took with it some of the beauty and longevity of the JCC Perlman Family Campus. The two ficus trees that were fixtures in the center courtyard fell over and tore apart the patios and landscaping by which they were surrounded. The trees were ultimately cut apart and hauled away, leaving our courtyard barren and dull.

Thanks in part to a grant received from the Broward County Beautification Committee, our courtyard has undergone a major revitalization.  The Grand Plaza in the center court is completely redesigned and now is your chance to be a part of it and leave your legacy at the "J".

8"x8" personally engraved paver
5 lines • 14 characters or spaces per line   •   $54

Bench Alone
To be located in a designated area on campus

For more information on this incredible opportunity
e-mail Lori Hersey at lori@herseyproductions.com or contact us.