January 31, 2015
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Summer Camp 2011
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Rick Case

Brodzki Early Childhood Center Enrichments

Mondays ~ My Gym ~ Mobile Building Blocks

A complete non-competitive exercise program that instills the importance of fitness and nutrition as a lifelong habit. Children will receive posters tracking their progress and posting rewards as they succeed onto the next Building Block.  


Tuesdays ~  Down & Dirty! 

*Back by popular demand!*

Too much fun for a clean shirt! Make a mess and have a blast! Make squishy, squeezy, messy art projects! smocks and singing required 



Wednesdays ~ PlayBall Sports

Kid Tested! Kid Approved! Good sportsmanship, team building, and sports skills are part of the Play Ball Sports experience!





Thursdays ~ Karate

Our Karate Kids will become skilled at defense and radiate confidence, disipline, respect & focus in this new class offered by MMA Champion Master Bruce  




Fridays ~ Crazy Cooks!


Our Crazy Cooks will measure, stir, assemble, and devour their delicious self made edible treats! 






For more information contact Judy Kissel at jkissel@sorefjcc.org  or call (954) 587-7033.