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Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County

Learn about your ancestry!

About Our Program

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County, Inc. (JGSBC) was organized in 1988 as a Jewish roots research group. JGSBC is a member of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, Inc. which includes 75 national and local societies on six continents, with 10,000+ individual members who are actively researching their Jewish roots.
When you join JGSBC, you receive these and other fine benefits:

* Learn to trace your Jewish roots. * Monthly programs that cover a broad range of informative topics.
* A meeting place to exchange ideas and interact with other genealogy researchers.
* A subscription to the Family Gatherings monthly newsletter.
* A Directory of Members, combined with a Family Finder.
* Access to the society's private genealogical library.
* Member volunteers with a broad range of experience are available for consultation.
* Learn to network with the global community of Jewish genealogists.
* We encourage members to meet informally, to exchange views, to share research insights.

JGSBC invites readers' inquiries and comments. While we do not do research for members, we are eager to help point them in the right direction and make available to them the information they will need to build their own family tree.

Contact Information

Website: www.jgsbc.org
Jewish Genealogical Society of Broward County, Inc.
Post Office Box 17251
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33318
PHONE: 954.243.6063
Email: info@jgsbc.org