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Hysterical One Night Only Show Oct. 27th at 8pm in Soref Hall
Published Saturday, September 29, 2018

 “People really got hypnotized! It was absolutely amazing to see our residents “go under” and participate in his comical suggestions.

Tasteful and hysterical!

      - Julie DeMeo, Activities Director, Ft Meyers, FL


“The show was so good we are booking Larry again for 2019 season. This is the first year that we have ever booked an entertainer for two years in a row.”

      – Marvin Stump, Entertainment Chairman, Winter Haven, FL


“The show was everything as advertised. It was hiLarryous and extremely entertaining.What was interesting, unless I somehow missed it, I did not see one person even get up and head to the restroom during the show” 

       - Steve Nicholson, Del Webb Southshore Falls, Apollo Beach, FL.

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