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Leonard Farber Aquatics Center

JCC Makes a Splash!

About JCC Aquatics

The JCC is proud to provide a safe and fun swim environment.  All swim instruction and  lifeguarding at the JCC Aquatics Center is supervised by highly rated swim professionals.  Our pool is heated for year-round swimming with the temperature no less than 80 degrees at all times.  We have a curved FunSlide and six stainless steel starting platforms.  The main pool has VGB compliant drain covers.https://asoft9192.accrisoft.com/sorefjcc/clientuploads/pool_slide.jpg

We also have a wading pool that includes a federally compliant drain cover.  The wading pool has an updated gravity fed collector tank that ensures the safety of our youngest preschoolers.


Swim Instruction

Soref JCC. . .your place for superior swim lessons!

The Soref JCC has year-round swim instruction available for everyone.

"Parents want their children to be safe around water.... You can dramatically increase the safety percentages for your child with great technical teaching and learning. A skilled swimmer is far ahead of an unskilled swimmer when they accidentally wind up in the water. And in South Florida, with swimming pools in every backyard, canals, lakes and drainage ditches, you need to improve your child's water skills as soon as they are mobile.

Call (954) 792-6700 for swim instruction details.


Lifeguard Training Courses

Receive your lifeguard certification or renew an expiring certificate.