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Special Needs Programs

Our Passion to Serve All Children is Resolute

Inclusionary Programs for All

The Soref JCC strongly believes in the basic tenet of inclusion that all people regardless of disability should have the same opportunities and involvement in the community as their "typically developing" peers.  As such, we embrace the diversity of everyone's abilities by serving all.


Inclusionary Children's Programs  

Our inclusionary afterschool, preschool, and summer camp programs allow all children to experience patience, giving, compassion and friendship in their everyday environments.

Children with special needs are those who have a physical, developmental, sensory or learning disability that results in significant difficulties in areas such as communication, self care, attention or behavior and are in need of more structured and intense supervision. This includes disabilities such as developmental delays, hearing impairments, speech or language impairments, visual impairments, serious emotional disturbances, physical impairments, autism, traumatic brain injury, other health impairments, or specific learning disabilities; and who, by reason thereof, need special education and related services.  

Our JCC further extends the definition of special needs children to include those who have suffered from abuse and neglect.  To that end, our strong partnership with Jewish Adoption & Foster Care Options (JAFCO) enables many such children to attend our high quality preschool, afterschool, and summer camp programs. 

The JCC, throughout its 45 year history in Broward County, has embraced and practiced inclusion for all residents in need.  Our passion is evidenced by the large number of children and families who find a loving, nurturing environment at the JCC through academic enrichment, cultural arts programs and fitness activities.


Special Needs Adult Programs

The Leonard Farber Aquatic Center at the Perlman Family Campus is equipped with a hydraulic disabilty lift that enables all residents to fully participate in aquatics.  This disability lift was made possible through a grant from the Broward County Parks and Recreation Department.

Our JCC is a proud recipient of a grant from the Elderly & Persons with Disabilities Program administered by the Florida Department of Transportation.  This generous grant enabled us to purchase a vehicle that serves needy residents of Broward County.

The JCC partners with numerous local agencies to extend our reach in pursuing our mission to help Broward County residents in need.  Just a few of the many agencies that help assist us in our endeavors are 2-1-1 First Call For Help of Broward, Henderson Mental Health Center, Women in Distress, and Jewish Family Service of Broward County.  Much of the assistance we receive from these agencies is channeled through our WECARE Food Pantry Outreach Program that helps to meet the needs of Broward County residents in crisis.


JCC Partners 

We are always seeking to expand our services to an increased number of special needs children to enable them to attend our wide variety of children's programs.  There is a significant cost for our JCC to provide services for special needs children and therefore we are very grateful to receive generous financial assistance from many premier organizations that include the following:

  • Broward County Children's Services Council
  • Broward County Swim Central
  • Jewish Federation of Broward County
  • Pythian Youth Foundation


Contact Information 

Call Judy Kissel for further information at (954) 792-6700 or e-mail jkissel@sorefjcc.org.