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Approved VPK Provider

All children who turn four prior to September 1st of each school year are eligible for the 540 hour school year program. The JCC, as an approved VPK provider, follows all of the guidelines outlined by the state with regards to teaching credentials and class size ratios. We provide a high quality, Pre-K early childhood development and education program. We stress early literacy through promotion of emergent literacy skills that are fundamental for learning how to read. The Pre-K program uses a wide variety of skill strengthening activities to ensure children's long term reading success.

The VPK program entitles a Pre-K student to 3 hours per day fully subsidized by the State of Florida.  Parents may enroll their children for additional hours in a JCC preschool program but will be directly responsible for payment of any hours in excess of the VPK allotted 3 hours per day, at the JCC program rate.