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College Student Loan Program


About Our College Loan Program 

The Murray I. Daninhirsch Student Loan Fund provides interest free loans for undergraduate study to students who come from families permanently residing in the Broward County area north of State Road 84.  Loans shall be for a maximum of $6,000 per student, with the amount not to exceed $2,500 per year. Loan repayment is to begin nine months after the individual ceases to be a full-time college student. Full-time is defined as a minimum of 12 credits per semester. Repayment must be completed within 5 years. It is the sole responsibility of each student to apply for the loan each year if they want to be considered. All applications must be received no later than April 30th of each year. 

Application Process

A complete loan application package must be requested from Rochelle Zenchyk at rzenchyk@sorefjcc.org.   As part of your application process, you will need to submit an official transcript (in a sealed envelope) as well as a copy of the Student Aid Report and a listing of other aid granted and/or applied for. Income tax records are required. Each recipient and his/her parent(s) will be required to sign a promissory note, which will need to be notarized.  Students will need to answer the following question in 500 words or less:  “Why I Deserve This Loan."  All applications should be sent to the Soref JCC, Attention: Murray Daninhirsch Loan Committee, 6501 West Sunrise Blvd. Plantation, FL 33313.  We will do our best to inform applicants by mid-July.


Contact Information

Call Rochelle Zenchyk at (954) 792-6700 or e-mail rzenchyk@sorefjcc.org.