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How to Organize a Food Drive

WECARE Food Pantry 

  • Have a sign-up sheet and form a committee.
  • Do initial planning-set time/action calendar.

  • Determine tasks and ask committee members to take on specific responsibilities.

  • Solicit local businesses or individuals to


    donate materials or underwrite costs and put their name on all printed materials.
  • Design flyers and posters and print amount needed for distribution.
  • Obtain collection boxes and designate locations.
  • Send press releases to local media 4-6 weeks in advance of event.
  • Periodically check status of individual tasks of committee members.
  • Remember to keep track of community service hours.
  • Hold a successful food drive and feel good about helping others!


Contact Susan Baigelman, Director of WECARE, at (954)792-6700 or sbaigelman@sorefjcc.org.